General maintenance Zoo

Most zoos in the Netherlands work with their own divers. Often these animal handlers, have an additional function as a diver. The introduction of the CAT-D certification in the Netherlands in the past and the change to Cat A1 since July 1, 2012, allowed these divers within the system of professional divers. Most of their work consists of light work and taking care of animals. There is also a number of activities which the divers can not or should not perform. Partly because the certification does not allow it and partly because certain special (diving) equipment is not available. Hereby an overview of some (though not exhaustive) of the work we perform in zoos.

Kit replacement
Take an aquarium tank with a puncture for example, caused by aging of the kit. We remove and replace the kit without deflating the basin. This allows for minimal costs and the watertightness of a basin or tank can be guaranteed for a longer period of time. 

Polishing tunnel / see-through windows
Often panes and tunnels in aquariums are damaged by the large number of views of the animals present in the aquarium. Replacement of these windows and/or tunnels is very expensive. We have, in coorperation with various suppliers, developed a special process that makes it possible to polish a variety of transparant sufaces, when damaged.

We like to work with you to find solutions and carry out work for you that can not be performed by zoo's own divers.