Zoo Blijdorp - maintenance

Commissioned by Blijdorp we performed several maintenance at the zoo in Rotterdam. The various diving work consisted of replacing the existing adhesive rims in various stays (including sea lions stay), polishing the shark tunnel and placing an emergency window in the residence of the polar bears.

Polishing shark tunnel
Polishing the shark tunnel was a job that has long been on Blijdorp wish list, but nobody dared to burn their fingers on it. When they came to us, we consulted with the specialists of the zoo to come to a tailormade and appropriate solution. Resulting in a unique cooperation and achieving the desired effect, a brilliant tunnel.

Placing emergency window polar bears stay
Many people have seen the video on YouTube of Vicks who dropped a stone in his residence and smashed the glass, without further consequences. We were asked to place an emergency window in front of the current window, to prevent worse.