Underwater UXO clearance at Oosterbeek (Arnhem/NL)

Project Oosterbeek is probably one of our top projects executed so far. Commissioned by the municipality and AVG we have performed the necessary NGE approach work in the immediate surroundings of Oosterbeek. We have found UXO's and items of historical value almost daily.

Unexploded ordnances
Most of the UXO's what we saw in Oosterbeek were mainly grenades and KKM, but we also found a german 10,5 cm and several 2 "mortars.

Archaeological finds and cooperation
With our method, we were able to recover quite a large number of archaeological finds from the water. In collaboration with RAAP Archaeological Consultancy, each piece that surfaced and looked somewhat 'suspicious', was checked and marked. Among the finds was a saber of a German officer. All archaeological finds have found a great destination. As a diverse number of finds ended up in the Historical Museum in Oosterbeek [NL].