We are proud to inform you that we have signed a cooperation agreement with Riel Explosive Advice and Services Europe BV (REASeuro), in relation to the detection of conventional explosives below the waterline. REASeuro supports in all issues related to explosives by providing advice, training and detecting conventional and improvised explosives.

"We are the only company in the Netherlands that specializes entirely in the explosives industry. Autonomous and independent, internationally active, and - as a civil company - always the right specialists. The detection and removal of explosives is our core business. Therefore we proudly call ourselves: Explosives Experts!
Due to our specialistic knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide good sollutions. By spending more time and putting more knowledge in the preparation, you will know exactly were you stand and it will ultimately save you time and money on the total project.
Every client and every situation is different, our personal approach ties it perfectly. The love for our profession, the pleasure in our work and extensive, specialist knowledge and experience make us a highly reliable and professional consultant, educator and performer in the detection and removal of explosives."{source: REASeuro}