Our team

The team of SDS Holland consists of five divers, all certified according to dive Dutch legislation 'CATB4' and in possession of an OCE (UXO) certification in accordance with the Specific Field of Certification Conventional Explosives Detection (WSCS-OCE). A team with ambitions and a team that stands for something. We believe that nothing is impossible and in close consultation and cooperation with our client(s) we make every effort to achieve a positive result.

Our people are the heart of our company. We are constantly working to improve our team better by investing in training, variation in work and job satisfaction.
The safety of our employees and third parties is of utmost importance. Too often we have seen that the first safety is compromised when the profit of a project comes in danger. Through training and appropriate education of our staff, combined with very modern equipment we make every effort to guarantee safety.
You will find in SDS Holland a partner that guarantees quality. Open and honest communication with our client(s) and direct involvement of our employees in any project, contribute to this.